Spring Training in the Sunshine State

My phone rings. "Hey, do you want to take photos of baseball in the beautiful February sunshine?" Of course I do.

Baseball and Sunshine aren't normally associated with February, but in Florida it's a tradition. The excitement for the upcoming seasons starts here. Fifteen MLB teams flock to their respective training stadiums to prepare for their upcoming seasons, and their fans follow. They watch potential prospects, get autographs from their favorite veteran players, and soak up some Vitamin D of course. Fans even colonize the Florida cities where their teams train - you can get water ice in Clearwater for the Phillies, read the day's Boston Globe paper with the Red Sox in Naples, and eat Nathan's jumbo crinkle-cut fries while watching the Mets in Port St. Lucie. It's a home away from home for baseball fans, and the energy is electric.

These photos were commissioned by several publications including the New York Times, The Athletic, the Tampa Bay Times and more.